HaptoMapping is a projection-based visuo-haptic augmented reality (VHAR) system, that can render visual and haptic content independently and present consistent visuo-haptic sensations on physical surfaces.

HaptoMapping controls wearable haptic displays by embedded control signals that are imperceptible to the user in projected images using a pixel-level visible light communication technique. The prototype system is comprised of a high-speed projector and three types of haptic devicesfinger worn, stylus, and arm mounted. The finger-worn and stylus devices present vibrotactile sensations to a users fingertips. The arm-mounted device presents stroking sensations on a users forearm using arrayed actuators with a synchronized hand projection mapping.

We also introduced several potential applications in daily scenes. Our system methodology allows for a wide range of VHAR application design without concern for latency and misalignment effects.

Yamato Miyatake
Yamato Miyatake
Software Engineer (Radar and camera system)

My research interests include AR/VR/MR, Human-Computer Interaction, Haptics.