HaptoMapping: Visuo-Haptic AR System using Projection-based Control of Wearable Haptic Devices


Visuo-haptic augmented reality (AR) systems that present visual and haptic sensations in a spatially and temporally consistent manner have the potential to improve AR applications’ performance. However, there are issues such as enclosing the user’s view with a display, restricting the workspace to a limited amount of flat space, or changing the visual information presented in conventional systems. In this paper, we propose “HaptoMapping,” a novel projection-based AR system, that can present consistent visuo-haptic sensations on a non-planar physical surface without installing any visual displays to users and by keeping the quality of visual information. We implemented a prototype of HaptoMapping consisting of a projection system and a wearable haptic device. Also, we introduce three application scenarios in daily scenes.

In ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Emerging Technologies